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Last year Inonda won the award for being the leading experts in Lead Generation at The Greater London Enterprise Awards.

First Class

The award also reflects our first-class service to all our current partners and the campaign strategies we run for them.


We are an innovative digital marketing agency providing all the tools companies need to grow online, with a specialism for Linked-In

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Make The World's Largest Professional B2B Networking Platform Work For You!

A campaign with Inonda will give you the edge over your competition and leave you with more time to invest in quality incoming enquiries for your business as well as putting a spring back in your step!

Inonda delivers you new sales revenues using our award-winning digital marketing strategies. We build your company an audience of executive decision makers and ideal customers for lifetime engagement.

LinkedIn is by far the best performing, professional platform for generating B2B leads and accounts for 80% of all B2B leads across every social media platforms.

Build your brand and have quality targeted b2b leads delivered straight to your inbox.

Current Partners

Our current partners are from ALL SECTORS of the economy, wherever there is a need for businesses to work together, Inonda can connect and engage you with prospective clients. We also work very successfully in the Wealth Management sector with IFAs who need to connect with HNW , and UHNW individuals.

Will build

Our Goals

Our aim is quite simply to take away the pain and expense associated with business development and lead generation.

We build you an exclusive warm audience of executive decision makers within your chosen fields for you to interact and engage with, into the future. ...without you having to lift a finger! Simply sit back and engage with interested incoming prospective clients.

Optimise Your Profile For Growth

Build a Community Full of Key Decision Makers

Start Having More Revenue Generating Conversations


Grow Your Business

At Inonda, our expert team help businesses and consultants to generate new business revenues with our unique LinkedIn digital marketing strategies and training. At the same time, we cut out all of the difficult, time consuming parts of the sales process for you.

No More

Cold calling for hours on end.

Dodging gatekeepers constantly

Grinding for hours through lists of cold leads

Purchasing lists of leads

Endless research to find relevant leads.

And a negative mindset that evolves from all the above.

Full Suite of Services

If your company would like to know how to generate a new business stream through a fully managed LinkedIn service, website design, e-mail marketing or help with social media content then we have an expert team for you to access.

Live On-Demand Reporting

CRM With Direct Contact Information

Integrate ALL of Your Teams LinkedIn Activity



All of the people spoken to have been genuine, quality leads
Thank you for the work that you and Sue are doing for us at the moment, since you have started to look for investors for us, about a fortnight, we have had 30 deck requests from investors. We are running through some conversations still but the most impressive thing is that all of the people we have spoken to have been genuine, the quality of the people you have found is excellent. Your help and guidance in this process has also made the whole experience easier and very exciting.
How WorkClub used Inonda to secure funding from investors
From Ineffective Freelancers To Expert Agency It's been such a pleasure working with Inonda. We were introduced by Declan reaching out to us on LinkedIn. Our CEO sent me over some of Inonda’s numbers and I thought, “the pricing’s quite good for an agency”, especially having worked in an agency myself. The previous results you had generated were really impressive. I thought “These are really solid results. How can we work with them?”
How the leading professional network made £18k in one month
Before working with Inonda, Paige found bringing new business into the company frustrating. She was responsible for generating sales for In Touch Networks, the leading network for elite professionals.In the past, she had tried to reach out and send messages to people to drive business. It had been far too time consuming. As well as the time cost, it took up a lot of precious energy. That’s time and energy that she could spend speaking to actual clients instead.


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