How Morrinson Wealth Get Their Marketing To Pay For Itself

“If you look at yourself from a time perspective, how much does it cost me if I’m doing it instead of other things that are of more value?”

Elliot had come to a realisation: There was a cost to doing everything yourself in-house. Before working with Inonda, Morrinson Wealth had used their own staff to drive business. He himself would go on to LinkedIn, connect with people, and try to book meetings. They would call prospects. They would email people.

It seemed like a logical thing to do. After all, that’s what had worked in the past.

But Elliot knew that he was not leveraging his time like a true leader. If he added up all the time he spent on tasks that could be done by experts, leaving him to get warm leads across the finish line, the costs of handling it all himself was disastrous.

Lucky for him, he already knew Andy and Alex from Inonda, and had seen the outstanding results they had been able to achieve for clients across all sectors of business.

Skip to a few months down the line working with Inonda and Elliot’s world was completely different.

“I think the cost pays for itself in terms of freeing me up to speak to clients and doing things that drive business.”

“I will definitely be continuing on with Inonda. Long may it continue as I think there’s a lot more to be had from working with them.”

Elliot realised the key was this: leveraging the world class skillsets in Inonda’s team. They managed everything. Not only did this free up Elliot and his teams’ time, it freed up their attention. They didn’t have to suddenly adapt to changes on the LinkedIn platform. They didn’t have to dedicate time to becoming and staying experts on the various marketing strategies.

It sounds easy running a LinkedIn account but Elliot had discovered that there is a lot of nuance. You have to be aware of what the ever changing rules are, what limits the platform puts in place for each account, and what third party software plays well with LinkedIn.

Elliot saw a lot of his peers have their accounts locked by getting on the wrong side of the unwritten rules.

“Inonda are very comfortable with the LinkedIn process. I just don’t have the time or probably the understanding at this point.

Not only did it save time, Inonda was able to do it better than Elliot had been, and most importantly, to scale. Inonda were able to use their knowledge to target very healthy ticket size leads that became top clients, with some approaching seven figures.

There is always going to be enough people to reach out to on LinkedIn. Inonda are always coming up with more ideas to get us even more meetings and value.

Elliot is currently excited about launching one of Inonda’s email campaigns alongside the ongoing LinkedIn campaign. Together, he’s confident Inonda will unlock even more automated lead generation for his company, long into the future.

If you’d like to get a marketing campaign that pays for itself in not only new leads, but also time and attention to spend on other tasks, we’re happy to help.

Just book in a time below for an initial consultation and a demo free of charge. We’ll show you exactly how the process works and the kind of results you could expect from different kinds of campaigns.


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